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Is a lack of "VITALITY" preventing you from being your most effective?

If you think that you don't have time for exercise and good living, then think again.

One session with Steve Halls will transform your thinking for good. You will be empowered and highly motivated into making life-changing decisions which will enrich the rest of your life.

Steve has a wealth of experience in delivering fun and exciting motivational talks on health and fitness related matters in a dynamic and unforgettable way to any group from corporate events through to schools.

He is diligent in exceeding the client's expectation of delivery and professionalism.

His talks are informative, amusing and totally unique. See what it is that makes the great Personal Trainers tick. Come away from the experience with the knowledge and the power to really make a change to your life. You will see the enthusiasm in his actions, hear the passion in his voice and feel the raw energy in his presentation to call you to action.

You will be left in no doubt that Steve Halls "walks the walk" as well as "talks the talk".

Book Steve now for your next event by contacting him by phone or email.

Or perhaps you will be lucky enough to be in a position where you can experience one of his presentations, take advantage of his extensive knowledge, experience and energy.

You will be delighted that you did - that's a guarantee.

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Recent Bespoke Speaking Events

All talks are bespoke to the event with an underlying theme of Health and Fitness. Without your health any task, job or daily activity can be difficult and a chore to say the least. Find out how you and your group can benefit from increased fitness in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It's a perfect chance to get all your fitness myths dispelled.

Title of presentation: 'Healthy Workers = Healthy Business'

I'm sure you are aware that a fit and healthy workforce is a more productive one, taking fewer days off sick and generally producing better quality of work when in attendance. However, statistics from The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) show that only a half of companies have a Health Policy in place. Of that number, half of them are only offering a private medical insurance to deal with matters once they are sick. We all know that prevention is better than cure, don't we?

The benefits you will get from attending this talk are:

" You will start to notice that your own perception of being fit and healthy will shift in a positive way.

" Just by being there you will be showing a positive intention to yourself and your work colleagues to become more health conscious thereby leading from the front.

" As you are being entertained in a memorable way, you will see how easy it is to introduce a "well-being" approach in your workplace.

" Walk (or run) away with an action plan that can be implemented immediately.

" Rekindle your own personal motivation with this high energy talk and enthusiastic speaker, enabling you to enjoy life to the full.

To learn, how to motivate your workforce and colleagues into keeping fit and healthy to improve the Company's output, book Steve now.

Title of Talk - Steve's A to Z of Perfect Health.

A fun way to learn all about the secrets to make you fit and healthy.

A fully interactive talk, ideal for that "after lunch energiser" for your business conference.

Suitable for any group size. Challenge your teams thinking, be inspired into looking after yourself and those people in your care.

For that special talk, give Steve a call today.

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Can you massage yourself Sometimes you have to remind people how to clap.
Can you massage yourself
Of course I know what I'm going to say next.
Can you massage yourself
Talking one to one is great and talking to a roomful of people is magical?

On a very wet night we experienced the driest of humour from Staffordshire's Steve Halls. Steve is a picture of health - while many of us munched on sandwiches and cream cakes, he happily drank several litres of water. Some trainers advocate their way is the only way. Not Steve, his approach acknowledges that the individual must determine the correct regime, varying from the amount of exercise needed, to the sorts of diet selected. His pragmatic self-effacing style is a winner, and with a success record, bags of energy, and enthusiasm, Steve's story fully justified any travel challenges on the night.
David Miskimin - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. (CIPD)
North Staffs and South Cheshire Branch.

Steve reminded us of all those things we know we should be doing - but often don't. Like putting "Health Before Wealth", eating well, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. Steve reminded us that many people take better care of their car than they do of themselves.
Dave Chester - Chair SIG CPD N. Staffs & S. Cheshire Branch

"You are right about Steve Halls and his exercise session (word obviously gets around). I think he has the power to motivate us all - even me! We get lots of people who say that they will go home and practice what they have learned and we know from letters and feedback that many have started exercising and lost weight because they have taken on board what he has said. He is brilliant and we could do with cloning him, so everyone had a 'Steve' to help them when they need to lose weight or increase activity. He lives near my home town and I will be seeking out his expertise when I finish work next year - honest!"
Carol Williams Diabetes UK Organiser Leeds 2006