Massage In Peru.

The therapy room extends to the great outdoors as Steve massages the back of Max Milligan the trek leader on a recent trip to Peru. On a school football pitch high in the Andes (3 times higher than Ben Nevis) being carefully watched by the future Port Vale goalkeeper in the background, he does his magic stuff. Steve has carried out many running repairs on trips to China (cycling), Italy (skiing), and Spain (conferencing). He takes his skill and puts it to immediate effect to keep people doing the activity that they love.

Max Milligan who is also a professional photographer and has filmed documentries for the BBC (see website was struggling with his back due to trekking with a heavy pack (photography kit mainly) and sleeping in tents. Steve was able, with a couple of impromptu sessions, to keep him painfree for the rest of the trip albeit smelling of cooking oil from the kitchen.

Max Milligan, the trek leader decides to take the
Max Milligan, the trek leader decides to take the "Al Fresco" massage.

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